Sensor Trigger Report

Here is a way to export a consolidated summary view of triggers/alerts and their completion rates in one report for multiple locations at a time. 

  1. From the reports tab on the web-app you can select Create Report in the top right-hand side
  2. Then can scroll to Sensors and select "Sensors Trigger Report"
  3. From the Sensor Trigger Report page here is where you can filter by specific teams and dates. 
  4. Then you can select "Export" and/or "Save", depending if you want to schedule a report on a regular basis or export the report on the spot to your email. 
    📃How to: Schedule a report (video)
  5. The report will reflect a summary of triggers & alerts fired, associated tasks and their completion rates, Alerts sent out, and Sensor Health data (is the sensor offline or online, and it's battery level). 
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