How do I reorder questions on a form? (Beta)

How do I reorder questions on a form? (Beta)

With customer question ordering, you can rearrange the order of questions for a form submitted at your location.

Note: not all forms will have custom question ordering. Your company’s Zenput admin determines which forms will have this capability. 

Here’s an example: you have to perform a temp check of ingredients on your makeline, but the way in which the ingredients on your makeline are ordered is different than the order on the form. With custom question ordering, you can change the order of ingredients to match your store’s makeline.

Once you change the question order the first time, the new order will be saved for all future submissions of that form at your store.


  1. Find a form that has custom question ordering turned on. If you’re unsure which forms have it, contact your company’s Zenput admin.
  2. Then, select your store’s location.
  3. On the top right, click the three-dot button and select Reorder Questions.unnamed__4_.png
  4. Then, you can simply drag questions and entire sections in the order you want.unnamed__3_.png
  5. Press Save and you’re all done!
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