How do I allow my stores to reorder the questions on a form? (Beta)

How do I allow my stores to reorder the questions on a form? (Beta)

With customer question ordering, you can configure a form template to allow submitters to rearrange the question order for forms at their location.

For example, each of your stores performs a temperature check of ingredients on the makeline, but some stores arrange their ingredients on the makeline in a different order. With custom question ordering, a submitter can change the order of questions on their temp check form and the new order will be saved for that location moving forward.

Because they don’t need to jump around within a form, employees will be able to fill out their forms more efficiently.


  1. From the forms page, find the form that you want to turn custom question ordering on for and click the pencil icon to get to the form builderunnamed__1_.png.
  2. In the Configure tab of the form builder, check the option to “Allow users to reorder fields for their location”.             unnamed__2_.png
  3. Click Publish and you’re all set!

Now, your store users can go into the form and reorder the questions for their location.

For submitter instructions on reordering questions on a form, click here.

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