What are the differences between the Mobile Zenput App and the Web App?

Zenput Mobile App

* Additional Feature- Please your CSM for more information

  • Used to fill out forms, by gathering relevant information whether it's gathering temperature information
  • Review past submissions
  • Keep track of in progress projects
  • Create and receive announcements (Permission depending)
  • Create, Complete and Edit tasks (Permission depending)
  • Create Projects (Permission depending)
  • *Can oversee sensor temperatures for location (s) (Permission depending)

Zenput Labels App

disclaimer.pngOnly available on tablet devices, not mobile phones.

  • Used to print out ingredient labels
  • Used to complete production sheets

Web App (Permission depending)

* Additional Feature- Please your CSM for more information

  • Create and edit forms
  • Access to reporting tab, to export and/or have reports sent on a recurring basis
  • *Access to sensors tab, to keep track of sensors at all locations and can build and manage temperature monitoring triggers from here as well. 
  • *Access to labels tab,  to manage ingredients used at locations and see printing data as well. 
  • Access to add, edit, delete locations and users (Permission depending)
  • Access to manage the hierarchy (Permission depending)
  • Create and receive announcements

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