How to: Temporarily Disable or Activate sensors (Mobile-App)

You are now able to see the status of your gateways and sensors (online, offline, or disabled) on the sensors list and on the individual sensor screen. This will give you a quick view of whether your sensors are working properly or not, so you can identify issues quickly.

disclaimer.pngThis will now reflect as gaps in the Zenput mobile app reporting data if the sensor is offline or disabled. 
Indication that a sensor is offline will appear only after at least 60 minutes of silence.

Devices showing as online: actively receiving data from them
Devices showing as offline: we have not received a reading in 15 minutes, the last two times we expect data
Devices showing as disabled: this was manually initiated and done to put in a disabled state so that triggers don't fire off. Helpful for when you know a store has a planned closure or maintenance events. 


  1. From the mobile-app click on the 'Sensors'tab
  2. Then select the sensor that you want to disable 
  3. From this next window click on the gear icon in the top right-hand side beside the Create button. 
  4. Under "Status" it will say either Disabled or Active, you will select the drop-down and select the desired result and press "Save"

  5. You're all set, you've either activated or disabled the desired Sensor.

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