Driving Efficiency with a smaller, leaner workforce (Webinar)

Intro: 0-1:00
Agenda: 1:01-1:51
Fresh review of forms: 1:52-2:52
Dependent questions: 2:53-4:22
Tags: 4:23-5:18
Triggers: 5:19-6:46
Photos: 6:47-8:03
Smart Reporting: 8:04-9:01
Sensors: 9:02-10:14
Identify Staffing: 10:15-10:58
Feedback from the field: 10:59-11:38
Announcements: 11:39-12:32
Q&A: 12:33-14:53

Here are some helpful relevant articles: 

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article_icon.pngSensors & Reporting (Web App)


Please feel free to reach out to support@zenput.com if you have any other questions. 

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