Temperature Monitoring: Cool down process (Feature)

Restaurants often prepare too much food, then keep it for use the next day. Their process for cooling down cooked foods (if any exists) are often inconsistent and not compliant with FDA safety standards.

Zenput’s Cool Down feature automates the cool down process for cooked ingredients and notifies users if the process fails enabling them to respond accordingly. It ensures carry-over food is safe for customers to eat and provides a record of process compliance.

Cool Down Settings Set-Up:

From the web-app, when you click on Sensors you will see the 'Cool Down' tab. 


From this window, you can set up a task, alert, or both to trigger if the two-stage cool down process fails at any point. 

In the example below, it is set up to trigger a basic task for the location manager to discard the food if it fails. 


Can also set up an alert as well so others are aware of the failure. 

Once you have set these up press 'Save' and you're all set.  

  • Alerts only go out once, when it is triggered. 


Please note this feature is currently in testing. If you have any questions please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

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