How to: Set up sensors at your locations

Now that you've received your sensors below is a PDF on how to get them set up at your locations after following the steps below FIRST. 

  • You will need to return the placements and temperature range list to their CSM prior to setting up the sensors. If you did not receive that list, please reach out to your CSM or see the Excel attachment below.
    • Please note the primary value of sensors is in receiving the alerts, which cannot be set up until the list of placements and temperature ranges is returned. 
  • Once the above has been done an admin or a store manager can set up the Sensors from the Zenput Mobile App.
    • The gateway can be connected via Ethernet to the router or if you have a cellular gateway it will be instantaneous.  
    • From the Dashboard on the header with Summary, Tasks, Activity, etc. slide to left until you see 'Sensors'. 

    • Then follow the steps in the PDF attached below. 

If you experience any issues or have any questions please feel free to reach out to

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