Deactivate/Remove Locations Temporarily (Admins)

If you have to close a location temporarily for any amount of time here is how to deactivate the location, so that they do not appear as non-compliant with any assigned project tasks. 

  1. From the Dashboard on the left-hand side of the menu click 'Hierarchy'.
  2. From the Hierarchy page, go to the Team of where the location you wish to remove temporarily is, and on the right-hand side where the three dots appear next to the team name click 'Edit Team'.

  3. In the Edit Team view, you will see the locations and users under this team. By pressing the 'X' on the locations and users that you would like to temporarily remove, this will remove them from this team. Remember to click 'Save' once you are done with all your edits. 
  4. In the hierarchy above removed the store location and user for that location. The location (s) that you have removed from the team will then appear on the right-hand side under Unassigned locations and unassigned users appear in the center under Unassigned users. 

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