Starting an employee health & wellness check program

How do I launch an employee health & wellness check program?

As operators continue to adapt to the new normal of the COVID-19 pandemic, employee and customer safety is at the top of every operator’s priority list. One of the best ways to minimize risk is to implement a stringent employee health & wellness check, which documents whether an employee is exhibiting any signs of illness before they start their shift.

With this procedure in place, you can prevent potentially ill employees from infecting other employees and customers. Operators are using Zenput to implement this new procedure. 

Here’s how to do it in Zenput:

Every Zenput account already has a template for a health & wellness check titled [Zenput Template] Coronavirus/COVID-19 Employee Screening & Incident Report Checklist 

You can either use the template as is or edit it as needed for your operation, including adding/removing questions or sections, editing the form name, or changing the configuration options.

We recommend requiring the manager-on-duty at each location to fill out the form for themselves and each employee before they begin their shift. 

Here’s how you can set up triggers, assign the projects with recurring tasks to each store manager, and distribute the form.  

  1. Set up triggers to notify management (district manager or HR) that an employee was experiencing symptoms and was sent home. In the form builder’s Triggers tab, for the question “Are you experiencing fever, cough, or shortness of breath?”, set up a follow-up task for the Store Manager to follow up with the ill employee within 3 days. You can also make sure the District Manager receives an alert when this question is answered Yes.
  2. You also want to remind store managers to complete these checks by assigning each location manager a task before each shift. To do this, go to the Projects page, select ‘Create Project’, and create a Daily recurring basic project, assigned to all the location managers. You can create a project like this for each shift. Here’s what this can look like:

    Note: Usually, when you create a Project for employees to fill out a form, you would select the Form project type. In this case, however, a new form needs to be submitted for each employee, so this project simply serves as a reminder for a store manager to complete those forms, rather than a way to assign the forms as tasks.


  3. Under Distribute in the form builder, distribute the form to all location managers and click Publish. Once the changes are published, your location managers will have access to this form in the forms section of the Zenput mobile app.

    Note: Usually, when creating a form project, you do not need to complete this step of distributing the form to those who need access to it. In this case, however, since we’re assigning a Basic (not Form) project, we need to distribute the form to store managers so that they can complete it for each store employee.


  4. From the green + icon in the navigation bar, create an Announcement letting store managers know about the new procedure. Announcement-_employee_health___wellness_check.png
  5. Location managers will receive a task notification before each shift reminding them to complete the employee health and wellness check for all employees on that shift. They can then go into their Forms, find the form, and fill one out for each employee. When they finish, they can go back to the task and mark it as complete.

    Here’s what the form will look like. If the employee getting screened is showing symptoms, the form will advise the manager to send that employee home.


  6. As submissions begin to come in, visit the form dashboard to see aggregate information, such as how many employees had a temperature >100.4F, how many had symptoms, and how many were sent home. Find the form and click the dashboard icon on the right.


    Here's what these insights might look like:

  7. To get automatically emailed reports to your inbox, you can set up a Project Recap Report. In the Reports tab, click Create Report, and under Projects, select Project Completion Recap. Then, click Save, and select the frequency with which you want to receive this report. Screen_Shot_2020-07-22_at_2.51.14_PM.png

Need help setting this up? Reach out to your customer success manager or reach out to us at!


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