How do I give Zenput permission to access bluetooth on my device ?


From your iOS device go to "Settings" and make sure that your Bluetooth says "On" (if not make sure to click the toggle so that it is green). 

From there make sure that your device is in pairing/discoverable mode and it will appear in the list beneath "DEVICES". You can then select the device and it will show under connected devices. 

From your Android device go to "Settings" and click on "Connections"

Then click on "Bluetooth" and make sure that it is in the "On" position like below. 

From there make sure that the probe is in pairing/discoverable mode and ON as well and it will appear in the list under Available devices, select the device, and once paired it will say connected. 


If you have a Bluetooth device(i.e. a probe)

This is where you will verify it is on and available to use with the app.

From the Zenput mobile app go to "Settings" and then click on "Devices".

  1. Once on the Devices screen, press the power button on your thermometer to turn on and become discoverable and/or 'Scan' from the app, if you don't automatically see the device available to connect to. 

  2. Once it appears in the screen for Devices click on the device and you're all set! 
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