How to: Commenting (Mobile)

Mobile commenting available to all: (Admin, Manager & Submitters)

disclaimer.png IMPORTANT NOTES:

  • Notifications are received via email & push notifications based on your notification setting preferences. article_icon.pngHow to: Set/Update your notification settings from your mobile device
  • Please note only the person that makes the comment can delete the comment. 
  • If a comment is left for a store in another district(team) they will NOT receive the notification nor will they see it. 
    • If the recipient can see the task/submission, they can be mentioned. If they cannot see the task/submission, they cannot be mentioned.
  • Notifications are not able to be deleted in the Web-app or Mobile app, the red dot will go away but the actual comment or announcement will not.

Users at the store level will see the following and be able to leave and respond to comments in tasks and recent submissions as well. 

  1. Go to 'Tasks' 
  2. Select the Task you would like to comment on and click 'Comments' 

 Or you can go to a recent submission to leave a comment to encourage or let your team know it's been completed. 

  1. If you are a submitter you will simply go to your recent submissions by clicking on 'My Submissions':

  2. Select the submission you would like to leave a comment on. 

  3. Mention the person or users with an @ before their name.  The author of the note will always automatically be alerted of a response. 

  4. Comment notifications will appear with a number and in red on the left-hand side. 

    When you click on Notifications you can Mark all as read or continue to leave a comment. 


If you would like to delete a comment:

  1. Click on 'Comments'
  2. Drag to the left and click the red delete button


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to or via the chat in the app. 

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