How to: Announcements (Mobile) (Admin/Managers)

If you have admin or manager privileges you are able to create and send announcements from your mobile device.  Below are steps on how to accomplish this. 

  1. From your dashboard click on the green plus sign in the top right-hand side. You will then be able to "Create Announcement". 

  2. From the Create Announcement view, you can then enter a Title, choose which locations (Managers will only see the locations within their hierarchy), what the message should be and if you want to attach a file you can as well. 
    (Manager view of their locations/team)

  3. Once you're all done editing the announcement press 'Send' and confirm you would like to 'Send' the announcement to the team in the preview. 
    If you would like to edit it further you can then click on 'Cancel' so you can continue to edit it. 

Mobile preview of the announcement to locations selected

(Announcement push notification) 


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