What are Announcements and how do I use them?

Announcement lets Admins & Managers broadcast important information directly to their teams. It can be used to share critical news, process updates, and other important information that will notify users instantly.

Please note:

  • It can include a URL in the message that fits within the 5000-character limit.
  • Submitters do not have the ability to respond, there are no read receipts, and no attachments are currently possible. 

  • Notifications will ONLY be received when logged in or the next time the recipients log in. 

Send an announcement in two simple steps: 

  1. From the web-app on the left-hand side click 'Create' then, select 'Create Announcement'. 
  2. Type your announcement and once you've selected who you would like it to go to (All teams or specific teams) press 'Send' and you're all set, it's off to the teams you chose from the drop-down list. 
  3. If you would like to include an attachment with your announcement click or drag the file in the dotted lined box that says 'Drag or click to upload attachments' and select the PNG., JPEG., PDF., or CSV file and click Open to choose and attach the file. 

  4. Once you are done making edits to the announcement, press 'Send' to send the announcement to the selected teams/locations, and a pop-up should appear highlighting how many users and which teams are going to receive the Announcement or if you would like to Cancel to edit something else. 

Mobile Preview

Signed-in users will receive a notification as long as their notification settings are set up as such here. They will be able to access the full announcement from the 'Notifications' tab on the left-hand side. 

This is what the notification will look like from within the app. The submitter can click on "See More" to expand the announcement. 

Expanded view 

With Attachment


The mobile user can then click on the attachment and it will download and allow them to zoom in and out as needed.  

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