How to: Connect Bluetooth & BTLE probes

Please follow the instructions for your probe that you currently are trying to connect/pair/use and follow the steps: 

First, make sure that the Bluetooth feature is turned in the "ON" position so that it can pair to Bluetooth devices. 

Here is an article_icon.pngarticle on how to ensure that your Bluetooth settings are on. 


If your probe is one of the above, after making sure your Bluetooth settings are on and scanning, press the on/off button (transmit button) this will put the probes into pairing mode. Once it is connected to the device the amber LED will flash every 10 seconds or when the button is pressed. Skip down to see how to test & verify that it is connected. 



If your probe is one of the above you will not need to pair the probe under your device's Bluetooth settings; they will however appear under Devices in the Zenput app settings. They will take the temperature when activating the field and pressing the power button in the center of your probe.

TempAlert (SmartSense):

Verify that the probe is on and connected to the Zenput App

From the mobile app go to 'Settings' click 'Devices'.

Under 'Devices', you will then see the paired and available probes you can use to complete your forms. 


Here's how to also verify & test that the probe is paired

You can ensure that the probe is working by going to a form with a temperature field and pressing on the refresh icon sometimes while pressing the button on your probe as well in case it has turned off. 

refresh.PNG     IMG_0069.PNG

After receiving the green confirmation message that it is connected you can then test to make sure the probe is working by pressing the temperature field below to record the temperature. 



Below are other helpful relevant articles: 

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If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to . 

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