How to: Setup project snapshots (Admins)

The project snapshot report will be sent automatically after a project closes. 
This will show the overall project completion percentage as well as an individual team (region, District, etc) breakdown. 

This can be set up during the project creation as well as after the fact if you would like to add additional recipients.  

If you are creating a new project here is how to set this up:

From the web app click 'Projects' on the left-hand side and click 'Create Project' 

Create a project as you normally would (here's a link on how to create a project). Before saving the new project click on the drop-down arrow below 'Send Reports To' and you can search for and choose however many recipients you would like to receive the report. 

Once you have chosen who you would like to receive the project snapshot you will see a preview under Project Preview. If the project looks like it is set up the way you would like, make sure 'Save' and you're all set! 


If you are would like to add a project snapshot or add more recipients to an existing project here is how to set this up:

Please note that this will take up to 1 day to become active when adding new recipients. 

From the web app click 'Projects' on the left-hand side and click 'Recurring' underneath it

On the right-hand side when hovering three dots will appear, after you click on them you can then choose 'Edit'. 

From the Edit Project page scroll down to the field "Send Reports To" and after clicking on the drop-down arrow you can then search and choose who you would like to receive the project snapshot. 

Once you select the recipients you will see their names under Project Preview if that is everyone you would like to add click 'Save' and you're all set! 

Here is a preview of what the project snapshot will look like, in the e-mail, it will give you an overview and if you wanted to drill down more you can download the results. snapshot_example_.png


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