How to: Add scoring to a form (Admin)

Formula Builder

A formula will give a score based on how questions in the form are answered. A formula is calculated by SUM (addition) SUB (subtraction) AVG (average) or PCT (percentage). When setting up a formula, you simply select how you would like to calculate the score and select the questions you would like included in the calculation. In the case of multiple-choice and yes/no questions, you may also be asked to assign a value to the specific answer in order to calculate a score.

  • Start by going to the form you would like to edit and click on the pencil.
  • If you click on the 'Score' tab and have not yet added a formula field this is the screen you will see. 
  • Once you add a formula field to the form 
  • You can edit what you would like the field to say, you can save your work by clicking 'Publish' in the top right-hand side, before moving on to the scoring tab. 
  • From the scoring tab you can then select/drag which questions (one by one or select multiple at a time) you would like to be used for the formula calculation, which type of calculation (Sum, Subtraction, Average, Percentage) you would like and assign the points accordingly:
    You also have the option to allow N/A fields to be scored or if you do not want them to be included, make sure to check the box next to "Do not include unanswered questions in calculation?"
  • Once that has been done, we suggest testing the formula by going to 'Preview form', to see a version of what your form submitters will see and to verify the formula is working/correct. If it's working as it should make sure to save your work by clicking 'Publish'. 
  • If any edits need to be made to the formula, go to the 'Score' tab, and in the top right-hand side of the formula box click on the pencil to edit, and to save your work make sure to 'Publish' your changes. 


When these questions are answered it should add up to however many were answered: Questions 1, 2 or 3.

The option to attribute points to No is also there if you would like for the answer of 'no' to count for less points. (NOTE: IT WILL ADD ANY/ALL POINTS)

Form Builder: Score tab view 



When these questions are answered it should subtract however many points depending on which were answered: Questions 1, 2 or 3.

The subtraction will take the topmost question answered score, and subtract from that number the amount of points from subsequent questions answered



When these questions are answered it will give you the average points of all questions that were answered out of the total possible

Example: if a formula contains 4 yes/no questions worth 10 points if the question is marked yes, and the form submission contains 3 yes answers and 1 no, the formula total would be 7.5

If you would only like to see the average for questions answered, make sure to select the "do not include unanswered questions in the calculation box.Screen_Shot_2020-04-06_at_10.04.54_AM.png


When these questions are answered it will give you a percentage (decimal amount) of the points earned by the questions answered against how many points are possible for all questions in the formula.

Example: in a formula that has a total of 100 points possible, if the form submission got 80 points, the formula total would be 80%


You can also use a negative amount in the questions answer values if you would like to subtract a value or add value depending on the question type.

Please note when adding a formula/score that you are NOT adding the formula underneath a dependent question. 

disclaimer.pngIf you would like a more complex formula in order to arrive at your desired calculation please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

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