How to: Complete tasks assigned to others?

If you have been asked to complete a task that is assigned to someone else at the location you are visiting, below are the steps to follow to complete a task for another user: 

disclaimer.pngImportant: This feature is ONLY allowed on project tasks that your Zenput Admins allow. 

  1. From your mobile device go to 'My Forms'

  2. Select the form that is associated with that project task. 
  3. Enter the location you are submitting for in the location field. 
  4. Select 'Yes' on the "Pop-Up" alerting that there is a task to fulfill at this location and who it is assigned to. (See screenshot below) 
  5. You can then continue to complete the form as normal and submit it. 

Once submitted the task will show as a completed task. 

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