How To: Edit a project

Please note* Edits made to any project will take place on the next recurring instance
If it is a DAILY RECURRING project, the changes will take about 48 hours to go into effect. 
ONLY recurring projects can be edited, one time projects can NOT. You cannot start a project on the same day

  •  Click on 'Projects' and then Recurring underneath on the left-hand side.

  • Hover over the project you would like to archive and click on 'Edit'
  • From the Edit Project window, you will be able to edit the fields that are not greyed out. 
  • The title of the project
  • The instructions if any
  • The locations the task are assigned to
  • The start date
  • How often it repeats
  • The day(s) of the week the project should run
  • When it is due
  • When it should stop
  • If it auto-archives or not
  • Who to send the project completion reports to
  • Remember to press 'Save' once the edits have been made. All changes made will be active on the next recurring instance. 
    If you are editing a daily recurring project, please note it will take 48 hours to update with the changes made. 
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