What can I see from the mobile app? (Managers)

If you are a field-level user and have manager permissions, you will be able to see all of your work, as well as the tasks and submissions of any users/locations that roll up to you in the Zenput hierarchy only.

This also means other managers, will be able to see other manager's tasks assigned at a specifically assigned location within their team. 

In the example used below, it will be based off of Sally Field's view as a Regional Manager with Manager permission. 


disclaimer.pngPlease Note:

  • If you don't see a location and cannot locate the location by using the search bar, it may be because you are not part of that store's hierarchy. To assist in fixing this problem, you will need to contact the person at your company responsible for managing the Zenput account, the Admin.
  • Are your Location Services switched ON? Location services must be turned on for the closest locations to populate within your Zenput app, after you have also typed it into the search bar. article_icon.pngHow to: Enable location services for Zenput?

From the mobile app as a manager, you will have an overview of what projects/tasks your store locations have overdue, due, or upcoming. 

Team:  Allows you to view all the assigned tasks whether they are Due Today, Due this week, or upcoming tasks for the multiple locations you manage (depending on your hierarchy). 
From here you can select the region/district "Team" and also select a specific location within that specific team.


Summary: Shows Tasks, Temperature Sensors in the location (special feature, contact your CSM if you have further questions), Task completion rate for team vs the whole company, In progress projects for the locations on the team, recurring projects that happen at the locations and the completion rate of those tasks, Top workflows triggered at the locations, and questions most frequently answered no.


Tasks:  Tasks due at the location, that are overdue, due today, due this week, or upcoming. Tasks that were completed, missed, and are coming up for the week and beyond that week as well. (Depends on the filter view you have selected)


Recurring: A break-down of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly recurring project completion statistics. From here you can view the submissions the locations made by clicking on the completed tasks that appear when drilling down into the project. 



If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@zenput.com.  

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