What are Tasks? (Managers)

What are Tasks?

Whether it’s a simple request, a photo submission, or a form, tasks streamline the communications between employees.

You can assign tasks to be completed at a specific location, by a user that reports to you, and have it due at a specified timeframe.

As a Manager, you can...

  • Assign/create one-time tasks from the web or from your mobile device. 
  • See a task list view of the tasks assigned for the whole day/week (Mon-Sun), which allows you to plan ahead and around any projects and to not miss any tasks.

How to assign a task from your mobile device

  • From the mobile app, click on the three lines at the top left-hand side, from the dashboard click on the green plus sign. 
  • This can also be done from the Tasks window, will open to create a new task, click on the green plus sign. 

  • You can then begin to assign a task by assigning a form or typing what task you would like to have done. You can also include a picture as an example of what you would like done. Pick the location, the user, and when you would like it to be due and once you've entered all the information click 'Done'. 
    manager_mobile_task.png  example_task.png

    Web-App View

  • From the dashboard, click the quick action, green plus sign, and from there can create a task.
  • You can also assign tasks from 'Tasks'.  
  • Then in the Create Tasks window, you can continue to create the task you would like. For reporting purposes, if you would like to assign a task that is part of a project you can then click on 'Add to project' and start typing the name of an existing project and click 'Create' once you're ready to create the task. 
  • Instant reporting allows you to track both completed and outstanding tasks.  

Important* As a manager, you are only able to delete/edit tasks you created. If there are any overdue tasks that you would like to have removed, please contact your company's Zenput Admin/creator of the task/project. You can view who created the is from the Web-App, click on 'Tasks',  select the task you would like to have deleted.
Below is a screenshot of what this will look like. 


If you have any questions regarding tasks or any other topics, let us know at support@zenput.com

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