Sensors & Reporting (Web App)

Sensors Page

The main Sensors page/tab now shows a trend chart for every sensor, much like you've already seen on the Locations dashboard. You can now get a quick snapshot of placement names in the locations, last temperature, last time the sensors synced, and trends across all locations on one page.


You can sort by any of the following headers: 
Nickname: Name of the Sensor 
Placement: Placement of the Sensor in the location
Location: Location of the Sensor
Last Temperature: The last temperature recorded
Last Sync: The last time the sensors synced with the gateway
History: Spark line historical graph and current temperature

Triggers Page

The Triggers page is where you will go when creating a new threshold to be alerted for a Sensor.

For more information on setting up triggers please see How To: Set up and manage Temp Monitoring triggers

Under Sensors>Triggers you can also view information on when the trigger was above or below its threshold based on how your triggers have been previously set.

Selecting one of the triggers from the triggers list will take you to a list of all instances when a sensor breached the parameters which you have set for the triggers.


Please note that the trigger cannot be saved with the Sensor Reading Date filter. You will receive an error when attempting to save.


Reporting Page

The 'Reporting' page/tab under 'Sensors' will show you "Exceptions/Triggers" data - the number of times that temperatures have gone out of the defined range - per sensor and count by different regions in the hierarchy.

You can now see, at a glance, performance/exceptions across all locations/regions, or use the filters to drill down into specific locations or sensors.

Exception This Period: How many times the trigger was set off this period
Exception Prior Period: How many times the trigger was set off in the prior period 
Exception % Change: The rate change between this period and the prior period. 



Form Submission via Reports Page

From the Form containing the sensor placements where temperatures are being captured, you can see how many readings per submission, if it was a manual, sensor, or probe temperature being measured. 

Also, available via the submissions view and PDF export, are the Sensor Placement names for more clarity for those receiving the form submission details.


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