How to: Edit an existing form? (Admin)

You or someone else created a form, and now you want to make some edits? Here's how, but first please make sure to read the bullets under Please note before getting started.  

  • disclaimer.pngPlease note:
    • Before making any edits to an existing form, the updates will overwrite old fields in the form and reporting.
      • Any saved reports with a deleted field will ALSO be deleted.  
    • If you have to make a lot of edits, we suggest making a copy of the form and updating the new version. 
    • If you are the form creator of a form in the Brand Hub, your changes will be reflected ONLY in your form and in the form used from that point forward. Anyone else, using the current form from Brandhub will NOT see the updates made. 
    • When making any edits to roles, users, or the form please keep in mind any triggers set up will have to be edited as well. 

How to edit an existing form

  1. Click on 'Forms' and from forms when your cursor hovers over the form you want to edit click on the pencil icon.
  2. Click on the question you would like to edit and a screen with the question on the right will pop up. 
  3. Make the necessary edits. In this example, we added a dependent question (more about how to add dependent questions here:  Adding dependent questions to a form)
  4. Once the changes are made you can then click 'Preview Form' to preview the edits you just made and if it all looks good click 'Publish'. 

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