How to: Import tasks in bulk (Admin)

A bulk task importer is an internal tool that Zenput uses to import customer tasks in bulk. In order to accomplish this a.CSV template is utilized that follows a consistent structure so that data is not overwritten and duplicate tasks are not created.

A few reasons why you may want to utilize the bulk importer:

  • Adding a list of 10+ tasks
  • Assigning multiple tasks at the same time  

In order to do this, we separate the task information into different columns. Below you will find the title that needs to be at the top of each column in their exact order  * required for upload.

Email (Task receiver email)*

The email address of the location or user the task is to be assigned to, useful if you want to send completed submissions to a location directly. article_icon.png How do I assign an owner to a location? (Admin)


External Location ID (External Key)*

  • Must include an external key that is unique. Each individual location has a unique key. This is how we assign the tasks to the specific locations we upload. 
    • If you want to export a copy of your location external keys simply go to 'Locations' and hit the "export" button in the top right of the screen, you will be emailed a list of your locations that will show you all location external keys. article_icon.pngHow to: Export Locations .

Date tasks are due*

When you would like the tasks due. It is best to keep the due dates for tasks imports all the same date for each upload. 

Task Type (form, basic, photo)*

What kind of task you would like to assign. A task to fill out a form, a basic task, or a task to take a photo. 


Form ID (if using form type task)*

If assigning a form task, we need the form ID. The form ID -located in the URL bar, when in the form builder view of the form you want to assign to the task.



Task Title (If using basic or photo-type task)*

What you would like the name of the tasks to be.


Task Description 

Typically, instructions or a description of the task to be completed. 


Here is an example of a filled-out task bulk importer template where we are adding new tasks to an account.
Example CSV

If you have questions or are unsure of how to do something please contact

Download the Bulk Tasks Import Template by clicking on the link below.

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