Troubleshooting Bluetooth Probe

If you are experiencing trouble with your Bluetooth thermometer here are a few tips for troubleshooting the issue.

Verify that your probe works with Zenput. Here is an article on which Bluetooth probes are currently supported: Zenput Bluetooth Thermometer Integrations

Common issue:

Make sure the probe is ONLY connected to the Zenput app. 

  • We suggest you disconnect the probe from other applications first, then reconnect the probe to the Zenput app.
  1. To disconnect the device you will have to go to your device's Bluetooth settings. 


  2. To reconnect the probe go to the Zenput app. Go to 'Settings' and then click on 'Device'. IMG_02FC6752CD4C-1.jpeg

  3. From the Devices screen press the power button on your thermometer to turn on and become discoverable and/or 'Scan' from the app, if you don't see the device available to connect to. 

    IMG_67EBD66DA13F-1.jpeg        IMG_0065.PNG

Once the device is found you're all set! 

How to test the probe

  • To test if the probe is working again you can do this by going to a form with a temperature field and pressing on the refresh icon.

    refresh.PNG     IMG_0069.PNG

  • After receiving the green confirmation message that it is connected you can then test to make sure the probe is working by pressing the temperature field below to record the temperature. 

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