How to: Add Subsections to a form (Admin)

It's fairly common to have questions that may only apply to a subset of the locations you manage. In order to use the same form across all locations regardless of if the locations have the same attributes, you can now create subsections using multiple level-dependent questions.

  • For information about how to create dependent questions see our article Here

In order to create a subsection, first, use a Checkbox field asking if the attribute which is not shared by all locations exists (Example: Does this location have a Drive-Thru?)

  • Make sure that the checkbox question is NOT required.
  • Make sure that "Enable dependent questions" is checked
  • Make sure that "Add dependent question when the answer is" is set to "Checked"


When the user "checks" the checkbox question, it will trigger the subsection, which will allow you to ask specific questions intended to be answered only at locations where a drive-thru exists. The subsection can contain an entirely new level of dependent questions.

If you would like to go back and edit your existing forms, you can now drag entire sections that contain their own dependent questions into the above subsection question (Does this location have a Drive-Thru?).


Below is an example:

"Is there a drive-thru at this location?" If the checkbox is "Checked", it will trigger another set of questions that will be answered by only locations with drive-thrus. If the answer is "unchecked", it will continue with the rest of the questions that are applicable to every location. 

(Web-App view) 


(Submitter views)


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