Validating your existing forms Pass/Fail settings (for forms created before 7/31/19)

Effective 7/31, Yes/No and temperature form question types will all have pass/fail enabled and assigned by default on ALL forms.

In order to enable pass/fail on these questions we had to make some assumptions about what constitutes a pass or a fail. While these assumptions should be correct for a vast majority of existing form questions, there will be some questions where you need to update the Pass/Fail criteria in order to correctly reflect whether a question's answer constitutes a pass or a fail. We strongly encourage you to review your company's forms to make sure that all yes, no and temperature questions have the correct Pass/Fail assignments. Not doing so may cause future confusion as we integrate the pass/fail values into the reporting and automation of your Zenput account.

Yes/No with no dependent questions:

  • "Yes" equals Pass
  • "No" equals Fail
    • Example: Is the Trash Can Clean?
      • Yes=Pass, No=Fail


Yes/No with dependent (follow-up) questions:

  • The answer given that triggers a dependent question will marked as a Fail.
    • Example: Is there any expired product on shelf? (Answering "Yes" triggers a follow-up dependent question asking user to enter the name of the expired product).
      • "Yes" will now equal a fail as it triggered a follow-up dependent question.
      • "No" will equal a pass as no dependent question was triggered.


If the dependent question is triggered from "any" answer (both "yes" and "no" trigger a follow-up dependent question).

  • "Yes" will be assigned a value of Pass.
  • "No" will be assigned a value of Fail.

    • Example: Is the product up to temperature standards?



Temperature Questions:

  • If a temperature field triggers a follow-up dependent question.
    • Temperature readings that are within the expected range will be considered a Pass.
    • Temperature readings that falls outside the expected range will be considered a Fail.
      • Example: Make-Line Cooler temperature reading triggers a follow up when the temperature is Above 44°, the follow up instructs all food in the cooler to be discarded.



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