Color coding questions on a form to indicate pass/fail (Admin)

We offer a visual feature that will alert the submitter of the form if an answer is a pass or fail.

disclaimer.pngAdmins are ONLY able to see the red and green on the emailed version, the PDF, and the share link version. NOT from the web-app view of submissions. 

Yes/No Questions

If an answer is a pass the selected answer will turn green. The "No" can also be a pass if you want it to be (see form view below). 


If an answer is a fail, the selected answer will turn red. 

These can be predetermined while creating the form in the form builder click here to be taken to the article on how to create a form.  
Form View

Here is a screen-grab of how to change and edit the pass/fail values. 



Temperature Questions

When the correct temperature within the predetermined range is correct it will show up as green


When the temperature is entered and it is not within the predetermined range the field will turn red. 


Form View

Can enter the predetermined range you would like to be a pass, fail, or neutral. 


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