Assigning a pass/fail value to form questions (Admin)

Zenput is now allowing admins to set a pass/fail rating for yes/no and temperature questions in your forms. This will allow Zenput to understand the business impact of a particular answer and will allow Zenput to perform an action automatically on your behalf based on if a question is passing or failing.

This will become the foundation for new reporting and alert that Zenput will be rolling out in the near future, allowing you to highlight positive outcomes and negative areas for improvement, as well as provide greater visibility into how a particular location or user is meeting your organization's operating standards.

Setting up Pass/Fail for Yes/No Questions.

With yes/no questions the pass/fail option is always required.


Once you have selected the yes/no question you would like to edit you can decide the pass/fail rating however you like. (ex. Is there an expired product on the shelf? In this case, a yes= fail and a no= pass.)


Once the Pass/Fail has been set up. You can then click "Enable Dependent Questions" to configure a follow up when a question Passes or Fails.

(Ex. Are the umbrellas in good working condition? When the answer is no it will prompt a follow-up checkbox stating that the "Umbrella has been fixed and replaced", and a picture provided as proof.)

To save your changes make sure to click 'Publish'. 

This is what the form will look like to the submitter: 


Pass/Fail For Temperatures: 

From the Dashboard click on "Forms" and select the form you would like to edit. 

Next, select the question you would like to edit and make sure to click the box 'Enable Pass/Fail Range'.


Click the drop-down arrow next to 'Select preset range' and you can choose from preset temperatures or enter the temperature(s) you would like to meet pass/fail criteria. (Preset temperatures are provided by FDA guidelines and can be edited after selection to suit your needs) 


From there you can enable dependent questions and choose if you would like it to display the dependent question when the answer is a pass, fail, both pass and fail, or neutral. (i.e. In this example if the ice water temperature fails the question "Why is it so low?" and the Photo field will appear. 


Once you save your changes by clicking 'Publish' you're all set!
This is what the form will look like to the submitters if the temp reading is a fail. 




If you have any questions or trouble with assigning pass/fail values to questions please feel free to contact us at


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