What are task notifications ?

Task notifications can be used to make sure that the correct people are being made aware of newly assigned, upcoming, and/or overdue tasks. Click here to ensure your notification settings are set up correctly. 

Here are examples of what task push notifications look like: 

When a task is assigned here is what the email will look like. It will let you know the name of the task, who assigned it, and when it is due.  


When a task is assigned/available to complete here is what the push notification will look like. If you have your device's settings set up to play a notification sound for push notifications, it will play at this time (ONLY if you have email and push notifications set in the notification settings.This would be necessary for each device that is used to log in.)


Here is how to set this up via iOS devices: 

Go to 'Settings' > 'Notifications' and from there make sure to "Allow Notifications" (the green toggle means active) and to allow "Sounds" to play and "Badges" to appear (the green toggle should be showing). 

Here is how to set this up via Android devices:

Go to Settings>Apps & Notifications if it is not under Recently opened apps you can click on "See all ## apps"  and select Zenput

From the next window make sure to select the toggles on the following notification options: "Show notifications" "Push notification" and "Actions" especially. 

Another step to ensure a sound notification has been selected for default notifications is by going to Setting> Sound>Advanced and making sure a sound is selected for "Default notification sound" 

Email notification when a task is due soon is sent out 3 days before ONLY the task is due. It will show tasks due in 1 or 2 days, but the email will ONLY be sent if there is at least one task due in 3 days. It will show you the location of where the assigned task is due. 


Email notification when a task is overdue is sent the following day and a max of 5 times. It will show a daily digest of overdue tasks:  For example: for a task due 4/19 11:59PM would first send a reminder at 4/21 4AM, then send 4/22, 4/23, 4/24, 4/25, and then no more.



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