How to leave Comments?

Ever want to leave an encouraging note for a team member? Would you like to check why a task hasn’t been completed or provide a bit more information about how a task should be completed? With task commenting, Zenput will allow you to have a conversation about a specific task or submission with your team members right in the Zenput application.

Additional notes: Comments will not be able to be seen if made in Private Forms.  
Comments can only be made within the hierarchy levels. 
Stores can leave comments for other stores within their district/regions. 
The creator of the task will automatically be included in any comments. 
Only the person leaving the comment can delete comments.
Only those within the hierarchy can leave comments to one another.

In the example below:
The Regional Manager can leave comments on all their locations, managers, and the creator of the task as long as users are in their region (Region 1- Sally). 
Stores can leave comments for their managers and district managers. 


Web-App (Admins, Managers & Owners Only

1. From the dashboard click on 'Tasks'

2. Select the Task you would like to comment on

3. Click the tab that says 'Comments' on the right of 'Info' 

4. You can leave a comment for one or more than one user in two ways:

By typing the user name with a @ before their name. 
Or you can click on @mention to pick who you like to be notified of any comments made. 

You can also see who is receiving the comments from here:


Here's a short video on how to do this. 

Another way to leave a comment is by going to the location of which you'd like to leave a comment. 

1.) Go to 'Locations' > select the location>  select the submission you'd like to leave a comment on.


2.)After selecting the submission you want to leave a comment on, it will bring you to the view below and select 'Comments'. 


3.) You can then leave a comment for the person that completed the submission and/or add someone else to the comments as well by typing @name of the Zenput user you'd like to add. As in the example below. 


4.) When they respond you'll receive a notification on your web-app. 


Mobile (Admin, Manager & Submitters)

Users at the store level will see the following and be able to leave and respond to comments in tasks and recent submissions as well. 

1.) Go to 'Tasks' 

2.) Select the Task you would like to comment on and click 'Comments' 



Or you can go to a recent submission to leave a comment to encourage or let your team know it's been completed. 

1.)If you are a submitter you will simply go to your recent submissions:


2.) Select the submission you would like to leave a comment on. 


3.) Mention the person or users with an @ before their name.  The author of the note will always automatically be alerted of a response. 

4.) Comment notifications will appear with a number and in red on the left-hand side. 

When you click on Notifications you can Mark all as read or continue to leave a comment. 



*Notifications are received via email & push notifications based on your notification setting preferences. Click here to check your notification settings. 

*Please note only the person that makes the comment can delete the comment. 

If you would like to delete a comment:

1. Click on 'Comments' 

2. When the mouse hovers on the right-hand side a trash can icon will appear, click on that to Delete your comment. 


If you have any questions about commenting please feel free to reach out to . 

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