How To: Create, edit or delete Phases & Attributes in Zenput Labels (Admin)


Every time a new Phase is created please let your locations know they will have to log out and back in to see the new phase.
*Note: This step is NOT required when editing a phase.

  1. From your dashboard click on 'Phases' under the 'Labels' section.
  2. This will bring you to the Phases screen where you can choose to Edit, Delete, or Create a phase. 

  3. If you're going to edit or delete a phase. Hover your cursor over the three dots to the right of the selected phase and choose an option. to_edit_or_delete_click_on_three_dots_on_the_right.png

  4. Once you've made the changes you wanted to in the 'Edit Phase' screen make sure to click Save before navigating away.

If you want to Add a Phase: 

  1. Click 'Create Phase' 

  2. Name the Phase then 'Add Attribute' Screen_Shot_2019-06-21_at_12.27.47_PM.png

  3. Enter the Attributes and at least 2 values.  Here you can also check if you would like it to be required. If you would like to delete an attribute click on the trash can beside 'Required'. If_you_want_to_get_rid_of_an_additonal_attribute_click_on_the_trash_can_beside_required._.png

  4. Click 'Save'  to store your new phase. Screen_Shot_2019-06-21_at_12.45.50_PM.png


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