How to : Update the location in a form that has already been submitted (Admins)

Did someone enter the incorrect location on a form? Here are the steps on updating the location on a form that has already been submitted. 

Step 1. Select Reports ( and pick the report you need to edit and update.



Step 2. Select the form you need to update the location on. 



Step 3. Click on the pencil on the right-hand side to edit the location for the form. 



Step 4. Pick the correct location from the drop-down menu. 


Step 5. Hit the green checkmark on the right-hand side to save and you're all set! 

 If a form submission is tied to an open task, this will not fix the task issue. A new task would need to be assigned for the "wrong" location & added to the project (if there is one) and archive the task for the "right" location.  (Instructions below) 



(To fix the open task issue please follow the following steps)

Step 1. Create a task for the store that the form was accidentally submitted for, that is now showing as completed but was not completed. See the article on how to create a task and link to a project (if necessary) here.

Step 2. Archive the task that shows missed by the store that submitted the form for the wrong location. See the article on how to archive tasks here.   

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