How to : Update the location in a form that has already been submitted (Admins)

Did someone enter the incorrect location on a form? Here are the steps on updating the location on a form that has already been submitted. 

  1. Select 'Reports' and pick the report you need to edit and update.PIck_Reports_then_pick_form_you_want_to_edit_location_on.png
  2. Select the form you need to update the location on. Select_form_submission_.png
  3. Click on the pencil on the right-hand side to edit the location for the form. Click_on_the_pencil_to_edit_the_location.png
  4. Pick the correct location from the drop-down menu. Pick_the_correct_location.png
  5. Hit the green checkmark on the right-hand side to save, and you're all set!
    disclaimer.pngNote: If a form submission is tied to an open task, this will not fix the task issue. A new task would need to be assigned for the "wrong" location & added to the project (if there is one) and archive the task for the "right" location.  (Instructions below) Hit_save_.png

To fix the open task issue, please follow the following steps

  1. Create a task for the store that the form was accidentally submitted for, that is now showing as completed but was not completed. See the article on how to create a task and link to a project (if necessary) article_icon.png How do I create a task?
  2. Archive the task that shows missed by the store that submitted the form for the wrong location. See the article on how to archive tasks article_icon.pngArchiving or Deleting tasks... What's the difference?.   

Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions or concerns. 

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