How To Use The Zenput Labels App (Video)

Here's a quick walk-through of how to use the Zenput Labels app. 

  1. From your device, click on Zenput Labels, and log in using the same login credentials used for the Zenput app. 
  2. Once logged in you will have multiple options and the status of the printer as well. Here is the video on how to set up Zenput Labels
  3. To print labels you will have two options: 'Print Labels' or 'Bulk Print Labels'. 
    1. Print labels: allows you to print one label at a time, enter the preparation stage, how many labels you want to print, and if necessary enter a date. 
    2. Bulk Print labels: allows you to print labels for several products. Products from different categories can be selected and printed all at once. If a product asks you to enter a date, make sure to enter the date before printing. 
  4. If you need to reprint a label individually or in bulk can override the date calculation by tapping the time period, selecting the date, and pressing 'override expiration date'. If it is greyed out it is not available to print in that category.


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