Project Completion Recap Report

Here is how to export a Project Completion Recap Report of all your active projects with completion statistics. 

📌 A typical use case is if you want specific roles to receive a project completion recap report for only their corresponding locations: When filtering the report you will need to do it by the team of an area supervisor and on the set-up to choose the specific user/role (area supervisor) you would like to receive the report.

  1. From the web-app click on the Reports tab and click"Create Report" in the top right hand corner. 
  2. From the new window, click on the 'Projects' tab, and select 'Project Completion Recap', and finally click on 'Create Report'.

  3. In the next reports window, you will be able to filter the report by a specific or any team and/or role and a specific timeframe. 
    Then you can export or save the report to schedule it for 
  4. Here is an example of what the report will look like.  
    It will provide the following information:
    1. The time and date of when the report was generated. 
    2. The specific timeframe the report was generated for.
    3. The roles the projects were assigned to.
    4. The recurrence of the project. 
    5. The overall score of each project and overall (cumulative). 
    6. The Teams and locations where the projects were completed.
    7. If a project was missed or not assigned. 
    8. Color indicators of trouble, upcoming trouble, or great scores. 
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