How To: Use the document field feature in the form builder

If you have ever wanted to share a document or have your managers/submitters upload a document to you with a form, here is how.

disclaimer.png Important Notes:

  • The document field allows users submitting forms to upload/attach a PDF, DOC, DOCX,CSV, XLS or XLSX file when filling out a form.
  • 25MB per file (1 file per Document Field)
  • The attach document field is not available for Windows machines running Windows 10.
  • You can ONLY add images and documents

  1. From the web-app click on 'Forms'

  2. Select the form you wish to add documents to by clicking on the pencil icon

  3. Click on 'Media' on the left-hand side and click on 'Document'

  4. Click on 'Attach media'
    disclaimer.pngNote: You can ONLY add images and documents

  5. The following screen will be pop out, and you will choose what you would like to attach and click 'Open'

  6. The attached document will appear on the lower right-hand corner
    disclaimer.png Note: The document will be displayed next to the instructions on the form

    In the following image you will see that you are able to:
    Name the document question
    Add any instructions
    Update the photo
    By clicking on the trash can icon you can remove the document
  7. Once you're done editing the form make sure to click 'Publish' in the top right-hand side to save your edits. 


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