Zenput policy for Mobile OS, Web-Browser and Device support

Zenput supports the most recent major releases of the following web browsers and desktop/mobile operating systems (OS). If you are experiencing interface issues, try updating your browser or OS to the latest version.

Device Requirements:


  • Any apple device that meets the minimum operating system requirements included below and including the OS. 
  • Please note: Zenput is not available in the iOS app store for devices running iOS 10 and below. 


  • Back-facing camera
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • Minimum 16 GB Storage
  • GPS capability required


  • Back-facing camera
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • Minimum 16 GB Storage
  • GPS capability required

Web browsers:

Note: The end of support for any browser includes the browser in compatibility mode or any other version of compatibility mode that represents the browser.
  • Internet Explorer (IE) - IE 11 Older versions of IE are NOT supported including using compatibility modes in IE 11. 
  • Microsoft Edge - The two latest released versions.
  • Safari - The two latest released versions on macOS.
  • Firefox - The two latest released versions.
    • Firefox versions more than two major versions old, including ESR (Extended Support Release) versions, are not supported
  • Chrome - The two latest released versions. 

Mobile Operating Systems (OS):

Important Notes:

  • Zenput is not available via Google Play on Chromebooks. 
  • Zenput is not supported on Amazon Kindle/Fire Devices.
  • Bluetooth probes are NOT supported on Windows devices. 
  • Each time a new version is released for general availability, Zenput begins supporting the update and stops supporting the third(iOS and Windows) or fourth(Android)-oldest major version .
  • Zenput provides this Standard End of Life (EOL) policy for browsers and OS for transparency.
  • Zenput reserves the right to make exceptions from this policy (Examples: if conflicts arise or for security reasons).
  • We recommend keeping all Zenput Mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows 10) on the most recent available version at all times. If you run into issues with an older version, there may be fixes in the new version that could solve the problem. Our support team will recommend this as a first step during the support process if you have not updated it.
  • Zenput Labels is ONLY available on tablet devices. 
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