Zenput Labels- Setting up the printer and connecting to the app (Video)

  1. Connect the power cord to the printer and to a power source. 
  2. While the printer is off, Insert the label rolls into the holder and make sure to insert the labels under the yellow guides and that the label is aligned with the sensor. 
  3. Power on the printer. Next perform a smart calibration, by pressing and holding the pause and cancel button for a couple of seconds. 
  4. Next, we suggest printing the configuration report, press and hold the feed and cancel buttons together for a couple of seconds. 16 labels will be printed with the report when you do this, to ensure that the printing is not cut off or misaligned. 
  5. Go to your device's Bluetooth settings, find the device serial printer that corresponds to the printer. 
  6. Login to the Zenput Labels app with the same login information for your Zenput app. 
  7. If the status says Printer Ready you are all set! If not, click on 'Settings' and click on the blue button containing the printer's serial number or select "serial printer" from the list of available printers.
  8. The printer status in the top right-hand side should update to connected and you can print a test label. 
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