How To Use Trigger Export For Reports

What does the new feature "Trigger Export" do?

  • Can look at all different triggers that are currently running on your account 
  • Helpful for those who have a lot of trigger alerts and follow-up tasks setup across all of your forms within Zenput 
  • Now able to click one button and pull all triggers into one easy to read excel sheet 

How To Use Trigger Export 

1.) Click on 'Reports' 


2.) Click on 'Triggers' on the left-hand side, and click 'All'


3.) Click on 'Export' 


4.) Click on 'Excel'


5.) After clicking excel, you will see a screen like the following: 


What you see across the form

  • Which form the trigger is connected to 
  • Name of the task or alert that's generated each time the trigger is hit 
  • What is setting off the triggers each time 
  • If it's a follow-up task
  • Who it's being assigned to (user, role, or email address) 
  • How long they have to complete it 
  • Any specific instructions that go along with that task that is being triggered off 
  • You will see which user or email address, role, or email address that is being notified each time that trigger is set off  


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