Yes/No Rollup For Reports

What is Yes/No Rollup?

  • Drills down to specifics within different audits, checklist, or forms being used 
  • Meant to highlight where operations are excelling and where there might be some opportunity to improve 
  • Extension of "Frequently Answered No" on the main dashboard 

How To Use Yes/No Rollup

  1. Click on "Reports" ( )
  2. Click on "Create New Report"
  3. Once you click on "Performance" tab you will see "Yes/No Rollup"
  4. Click on "Create Report"
  5. You will be asked to specify one specific form, a specific team or any team, and a timeframe:
  6. You can click on "Export" and receive an email with the report requested
  7. You can click on "Save"
    - Name the report 
    - Option to schedule when you would like to receive the specific report
  8. Once you have opened the email with the report, it will look like the following


  • With Yes/No Rollup you have a list of the Yes/No questions that are being asked in the specified form 
  • On the right-hand side, it shows how often those questions have been answered with "yes" over the specified time frame 
  • Highlights which specific questions or areas within audits and forms that operations are doing really well on and where the opportunity is to improve 
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