Pass/Fail Rollup For Reports

What is Pass/Fail Rollup?

  • Drills down to specifics within different audits, checklist, or forms being used 
  • Meant to highlight where operations are excelling and where there might be some opportunity to improve 
  • Extension of "Frequently Answered No" on the main dashboard 

How To Use Pass/Fail Rollup

1.) Click on "Reports" ( )


2.) Click on "Create New Report" 


3.) Once you click on "Performance" tab you will see "Pass/Fail Rollup"


4.) Click on "Create Report"


5.) You will be asked to specify one specific form 


6.) Here you will be able to choose the analytics for any specific time frame 


7.) You can click on "Export" and receive an email with report requested 


8.) You can click on "Save"

  • Name the report 
  • Option to schedule when you would like to receive the specific report  


9.) Once you have opened the email with the report, it will look like the following 



  • With Pass/Fail Rollup you have a list of the Yes/No questions that are being asked in specified form 
  • On the right-hand side it shows how often those questions have been answered with "yes" over the specified time frame 
  • Highlights which specific questions or areas within audits and forms that operations are doing really well on and where the opportunity is to improve 


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