Yes/No Rollup For Reports

The Yes/No Rollup Report 

  • Drills down to specifics within different audits, checklist, or forms being used 
  • Meant to highlight where operations are excelling and where there might be some opportunity to improve 
  • Extension of "Frequently Answered No" on the main dashboard 

  1. From the web-app, click on the "Reports" tab and click on "Create New Report" in the top right-hand corner. 
  2. From the next window, click the "Performance" tab and select "Yes/No Rollup" and click on "Create Report". 
  3. From the reports window you will pick the specific form you want to generate the report for, a specific or any team and the timeframe for which you want to export the report for. 
  4. You can Export or Save the report. 
    Once exported, you will receive the CSV. file in your email. 

    It contains the following information:
    1. What form this report was generated for.
    2. The time and date when it was exported.
    3. The specific timeframe the report was generated for.
    4. The questions and percentage of most frequently answered "no" and "yes".
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