How To Use Task Completion Rate For Reports

What does the new feature "Task Completion Rate" do? 

  • Review and compare compliance for all the different projects and tasks that you have for individual stores and teams completing on Zenput 
  • Gives wider view and new insights to other types of projects and tasks on Zenput that we haven't been able to show before 
  • See your team compliance with one-time projects as well as manually created tasks and trigger follow up tasks 

Note: Admin level users can pull task completion rates for entire organization or any specific team that you'd like to see 

Managers can pull reports for any teams that they're responsible for 

How To Use Task Completion Rate 

1.) Login to Zenput on the web 

2.) Click on 'Reports'


3.) Click on 'Create Report'


4.) Once you click on 'Create Report' a new table will appear, click on 'Performance'

5.) Click on 'Task Completion Rate'


6.) Click on 'Create Report'


7.) When clicking on 'Export' you will receive an email with requested report 

8.) Click 'Save' 


9.) You can name the report as well as having the option to choose how frequent you want to receive the report


10.) You can choose to send the report to a specific role, user, or external email, and finally click "Done"! 


11.) When opening the email with the report requested, this is what you will see

Note: Across the top are the different types of projects that are being referenced


Note: Green are the locations or stores that are excelling 
Red are the stores or teams that have some opportunity to improve

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