Connecting Zenput to 3rd party apps with Zapier

Zapier is a 3rd party service that allows users to set up custom parameters which, when met, will trigger an action from Zenput into a 3rd party app such as Gmail, Slack, a calendar, or any other services that have integrations with Zapier. 

*Note: Zapier integrations are controlled and managed by Zapier directly. Zenput cannot help if you are looking for a specific integration that does not currently exist within the Zapier ecosystem.


As an Admin, I would like to set up a message to be received in Slack every time a specific 'high-priority" follow up task or alert is triggered in Zenput. 


Enabling Zapier and Zenput integration:

  1. Create a user account at
  2. Contact and request an API key for your Zenput user account. 
  3. Once you receive a response from support letting you know that your API key has been created, navigate to Zenput via a web browser and click on your name in the lower left-hand corner and select "User Settings". Here, you will be able to locate your assigned API token.

  4. Copy the API Token and then follow this link to enable the use of the Zenput/Zapier Integration. 

    Zapier invite for Zenput
  5. Once the invite is accepted, Select the 'Make a Zap' button in your Zapier account. 

  6. Next, Select Zenput as your trigger app. If you don't see it in 'Your Apps', you may have to use the search box above to search for 'Zenput'

  7. Select one of the three triggers for Zenput. Then select 'Save and Continue'
    1. New Follow up task- Triggers an action when a new follow-up task is created from a form submission
    2. New Submission- Triggers an action when a form submission occurs
    3. New Alert- Triggers an action when a new alert is generated by a form submission.

  8. Select 'Connect an Account' *if you have previously connected your account, you will not need to connect again. Simply select the already connected account.
  9. Enter the API key from Zenput.

  10. Select the form in your account you would like to generate the trigger from, and select the trigger name that currently is set on the form. *note - in this example, we are setting up a trigger from a follow-up task on a form, so the options may differ depending on which trigger you selected in step 8.
  11. Select a sample to set up your Zap with the previous submissions of this form. If there are no previous submissions, select 'Skip this Step'
  12. Select the link to 'Add an Action'
  13. Select an 'Action App'. The Action App is where the trigger from Zenput will go. Since I would like to send this notification to Slack, I will search for and select Slack from the database of connected Zapier apps.
  14. Next, you will choose what action will actually take place when the trigger is fired. For this Zap, I want to send a message to our maintenance channel in Slack.
  15. Next, I will select my account in the Action App that I have selected. *if you are setting up your first Zap you will need to connect your Zapier account to your Action App's account by selecting 'Connect an Account'.
  16. Set up your Action. The list of actions will be different for every Action App so you may have to play around with the options to get the result you are looking for. Below is the example for the Slack integration I am setting up in this tutorial. Once you are done, select 'Save and continue'.
  17. Next, you will send a test of the Zap you have just set up. Select 'Send Test'
  18. Here is the result of the Zap test in Slack. As you can see, it is working exactly how I intended. So I will select 'Finish' in Zapier.
  19. The last thing you will need to do is name your Zap and turn it on.

If you have any further questions about connecting your Zenput account to a 3rd party app using Zapier, please feel free to email us at



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