How to: Edit a Previously Submitted Form (Admin)

For instances where you or someone else might need to edit a form submitted, here are the steps on how to accomplish this on each form you wish to grant submission editing on. 

📌 Please note: In order to edit submissions, this will need to be done from the web-app.

Below is the order in which updates for each form will need to be made, unless the form is distributed by Role. 

  1. How to: Grant Permission to Edit a submitted form
  2. How to edit Submissions from the web-app

How to: Grant Permission to Edit a submitted form

  1. Select the Form that you would like to grant permission for users to edit. 
    1. The users must be admins or managers. 
  2. From the Distribute tab, add the role or specific user that should have permission to edit their own or all submissions. 
  3. Once this is done, the user now can edit the submissions they've been granted permission to edit, from the web-app. 

How to edit Submissions from the web-app

  1. From the Reports view of the form, find the submission you want to edit and select it. 
  2. Once selected, from the submission view, you can select the specific field that needs editing.
    1. ⛔️ Signatures fields in form submissions are only able to be removed from the field. A signature is not able to be added to the field from the edit view or mobile app after the fact. 
  3. When done making the necessary edits, make sure to save the edits by clicking on the green checkmark. 
  4. From here, you can then export the updated submission to send to others, in the top left-hand corner. 

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