Setting up & troubleshooting Zenput Labels (Windows)

Supported Windows Versions

Currently, Zenput Labels supports devices that have operating system Windows 10 V.1703 installed or newer. The operating system build number for that version is: 10.0.15063.

You can find this information by typing System Information in the Windows search box and running that application:


In that application, you can find the Windows version number:


In the screenshot above, the version (10.0.17134) is greater than the minimum supported one (10.0.15063), so we meet the minimum requirements to run Zenput.

If the version of Windows your device is running is older than 10.0.15063, please read the Upgrading Windows instructions in the Windows Troubleshooting section further down.

Pairing the Printer with the Computer

  • Find the printer’s serial number on the list. This number can be found on the Zebra tag under the printer.


  • On the business laptop, click on the Start button and go to: Settings > Devices.



  • Click on “Bluetooth & other devices” in the left panel.
  • Turn Bluetooth On if it wasn’t already.
  • Click on “Add Bluetooth or other device”.


  • Choose “Bluetooth” as the kind of device you want to add.


  • The list of Bluetooth devices might take a while to update, in some instances up to 2 minutes.
  • If you cannot find the number on the list, turn the printer off and back on, then try again.
  • Sometimes two printers are listed. Choose the one that has a printer icon next to it:


  • Once the printer is selected, it will print a pairing label with a pairing number. Make sure it matches the number displayed on the screen and if it does, select “Connect”.



  • The printer is now paired with the computer/tablet. Just type “Zenput Labels” in the Windows search box and see if the app is listed. 

Zenput Labels Installation

  • First, you need to check in the Zenput Labels app is already installed. In the Windows search box type “Zenput Labels”. If you see an entry that says “Zenput Labels, Trusted Microsoft Store App” then it is installed and you don’t need to follow the steps listed below in the rest of this section.


  • If it is not listed and you only see a “See web results” entry, you need to install the app.


  • If you have a business store account, log into your company's Microsoft Business Store account by visiting in a web browser.
  • Click on the Sign-in link on the upper right and log in using your company's business credentials.


  • Click on “your company name” next to “Shop for my group” at the top bar to see your available applications.


  • Click on Zenput Labels and select "Install".

trouble_shoot_15.png          trouble_shoot_16.png

  • You might get a popup window that reads “Open Microsoft Store?” Click on the checkbox and then on the “Open Microsoft Store” button.


  • This will open the Microsoft Store app on your computer.
  • If you haven’t logged in with your business credentials, do so now.


  • After logging in, you should be taken to the Zenput Labels page in the Windows Store app. Click on Install.


  • The app will be downloaded and installed. To run it immediately just click on the Launch button.


  • In the future, since the app is now installed, you will be able to find it in the Windows start menu. 
  • You can also now find it by searching for it in the Windows search box.

trouble_shoot_22.png                        trouble_shoot_23.png

Windows Troubleshooting

  • “Driver is unavailable” message is shown on the paired printer.
  • This is actually not a problem. We support printing labels even though the printer driver is not available.
  • “Try connecting your device again.” error message appears when trying to pair the printer.


  • This typically happens because the device that was selected did not have the printer icon.
  • Clicking on the correct listing should fix the problem.
  • If trying to pair with the other listing also fails, power-cycle the printer:
  • Press on the power button until the printers turns off (no lights are on).


  • Press the power button to turn it back on. Release the button when some lights show up.
  • Please wait a few seconds while the printer boots up. When the leftmost icon is green again, the printers should show up shortly again in that list.


  • Attempt to pair the printer again

Printer serial number does not appear on the Bluetooth devices list

  • It can sometimes take a few minutes for the printer to show up.
  • Try moving the printer closer to the laptop. Bluetooth’s maximum range is 30 feet without any obstacles, but that is rarely the case in a store. The recommended position is as close as possible to the laptop with no walls in between them.
  • Try power-cycling the printer as explained in the Try connecting your device again section above.
  • Multiple entries for Serial Printer show up in the settings page.


  • This is due to the business computer being paired with multiple Zebra printers.
    • The app currently supports only one printer at a time. Please follow the instructions for unpairing a printer below and keep the printer that you wish to use. 

Unpairing a printer

  • Sometimes you will need to unpair the printer if the system got into a problematic state.
  • Similar to the instructions on pairing the printer at the beginning of this guide, go to Settings > Devices and click on “Bluetooth & other devices”.
  • Look for the printer’s serial number. It will often be under the “Other Devices” category.
  • Select on it, then select on the Remove Device button.


Upgrading Windows

  • In the Windows search bar type “update” and click on the “Check for Updates” option.


  • Depending on which version of Windows 10 you have, this next screen may look different.
  • If your screen has a checkbox next to “Check online for updates from Microsoft Update”, select it, then select on the “Check for updates” button.


  • If your screen does not have that checkbox but instead has a link, select that link.


Note* Updating Windows will take several hours. Please ensure that you've allowed yourself the time necessary and that the business laptop is plugged into a power outlet. 

Further troubleshooting tips

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