My printing is too light or too dark

Printer Darkness

On the back of the printer, you'll find a switch (pictured below) that changes the darkness of the printing. The left setting will be the lightest and the right setting will be the darkest. Try moving this switch and check if you get the desired printing darkness. You may need to print out a few labels before the darkness changes.

If it does not, move on to the manual calibration instructions below.


To manually calibrate the darkness, follow these instructions:

  • Press and hold the "pause" button until all lights flash yellow, then let go
  • The "status" (diamond in a square) light should be yellow
  • Press the "feed" (middle) button twice
  • The "data" (folder with an arrow) light should be lit (if not, keep pressing "feed" until it is)
  • Press "pause"
  • The printer will start at the lightest print setting and will start printing labels slowly, one at a time, with increasing darkness
  • Once it prints out an acceptable level of dark label (8.0 or 12.0 will probably be good), press the "feed" button again.
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