How to: Allow users to complete tasks for others? (Admin)

If you have a task or project that you would like to allow others to complete if the original assignee is unable to, simply create your task/project as normal and select the checkbox labeled "Allow users to complete tasks for others". The changes should take effect within 24 - 48 hours.
disclaimer.pngPlease note: You can only allow users to complete form tasks for others, not basic or photo tasks. 

Then make sure the form is distributed by role or users, to those who should normally have access to complete the task for others, see an article on how to do this article_icon.pngHow to: Distribute a Form so it is always available to complete (Admin). 

Here is what the submitters of the form would see when they go to the form they are supposed to complete for another user:

  1. They would go to 'My Forms' and locate the required form.
  2. Enter the location they are submitting for in the location field. 
  3. Select 'Yes' on the "Pop-Up" alerting that there is a task to fulfill at this location and to who it is assigned to. (See screenshot below) 
    disclaimer.pngThis prompt will only be available while the project task is open and active. 
  4. They can then continue to complete the form as normal and submit it so that the location receives project credit for the form submission. 
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