The label printing seems misaligned. How do I fix it?

The first step you should try when experiencing an alignment problem of any kind is to perform a quick Smart Calibration.

  1. Make sure the labels are loaded properly and the top cover of the printer is closed.
  2. Press the POWER button to turn the printer ON
  3. Once the printer is in the ready state (Status indicator (mceclip3.png) is solid green), press and hold the PAUSE and CANCEL button for two (2) seconds and release.
  4. The printer will measure out a few labels and adjust the media sensing levels.
  5. When the printer stops, the Status indicator (mceclip4.png) will turn solid greenmceclip5.png

Here is a link with more information on how to perform a smart calibration. 

How to adjust the alignment via Zenput Labels:

If the printing seems misaligned, go the Settings page in the Zenput Labels app. Press on Calibration and follow the on-screen instructions to manually align the printer. 

Printer is spitting out multiple blank tickets:

If the printer prints 4-6 labels (or more) at a time and then is off-center check to make sure the printer alignment control is aligned correctly. 

It needs to be adjusted like in this photo:


Once adjusted, perform a smart calibration as well as force quit and reopen the Zenput labels app. 


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