Troubleshooting Zenput Labels & printer

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Below are the issues covered in this page:

  1. Printer shows as if connected in Zenput Labels but nothing is printing
  2. The pause button is a solid orange or red instead of green
  3. Stops Printing
  4. Misaligned Printing- My Printer is Printing Blank Labels
  5. Zenput labels are printing out blank
  6. Labels are printing light /illegible
  7. Zenput labels are printing out blank 
  8. Trouble logging in?
  9. How to: Reorder labels
  10. Zenput and Zebra support contact information- if what you are experiencing is not listed 

Printer shows as if connected in Zenput Labels but nothing is printing

  1. Please ensure to unpair/forget the printer from your saved/paired Bluetooth devices.
  2. Force close the Zenput Labels app.
  3. Turn the printer off by pressing and holding the power button for 8 seconds, all the printer’s lights should be orange.
  4. Turn the printer back on, wait for the Left (diamond-shaped) status light to turn green and the Right (network icon) status light to turn red.
  5. Open Zenput Labels.
  6. Press the refresh button located under the “Select Printer” section.
  7. You should now see the printer’s name above the refresh button (this may take 30 seconds).
  8. Wait for the status message at the top to say “Connected”
  9. Perform a smart calibration on the printer. Here is a link on how to perform a smart calibration 
  10. Reset the network settings on the printer -
  11. Restart the device and/or tablet
  12. As a last resort, you can also reset the network settings on the tablet you are using
  13. If none of the above steps seem to help, contact Zebra Customer Support, there may be an issue with the printer . 

Is Pause Mode Activated on your printer:

Is the pause button a solid orange or red instead of green? :

Please press the pause button once and try printing again. 

Make sure to go back to Zenput Labels settings and check to make sure that you select the printers Serial number under Select Printer: Serial Printer

Zenput labels not staying connected: 

1. Uninstall and reinstall the Zenput Labels app to ensure you have the most up-to-date version. 
2. Ensure only one device is connected to the printers BLE. 
3. Restart device running Zenput labels. 
4. From Zenput Labels click on 'Settings' and then on the bottom right-hand side click on 'Serial Printer'. 

Stops Printing

1. Switch the printer on and off.
2. Reset to Factory defaults: Hold down the single round button on the front panel. The indicator light will start a flash sequence, 1, 1-2, 1-2-3 & so on. When it flashes 4 times, release the button. 
3. Label width calibration: Hold down the button single round button until the light flashes 5 times, then release it. This will make the printer enter label width calibration. It will print a series of widths, getting wider each time, on a label. When the printed width matches the label width (or your preferred setting), hit the button once to lock it in. 
4. All other calibrations: Hold down the single round button until it flashes twice, then release it. This will run and print an automatic set of calibrations.  

Misaligned Printing- My Printer is Printing Blank Labels

If your printer is printing many BLANK labels the yellow plastic alignment head probably needs to be adjusted. 

How to adjust the alignment via Zenput Labels:

  • If the printing seems misaligned, go the Settings page in the Zenput Labels app. Press on Calibration and follow the on-screen instructions to manually align the printer. 
  • If the printer prints 4-6 stickers at a time and then is off-center check to make sure the printer alignment control is aligned correctly. 
  • Once adjusted, perform a smart calibration as well as force quit and reopen the Zenput Labels app. 
  • Here is a link on how to perform a smart calibration 

It needs to be adjusted like in this photo:

Labels are printing light /illegible

On the back of the printer, you'll find a switch (pictured below) that changes the darkness of the printing. The left setting will be the lightest and the right setting will be the darkest. Try moving this switch and check if you get the desired printing darkness. If not, move on to the manual calibration instructions below.


To manually calibrate the darkness, follow these instructions:

  • Press and hold the "pause" button until all lights flash yellow, then let go
  • The "status" (diamond in a square) light should be yellow
  • Press the "feed" (middle) button twice
  • The "data" (folder with an arrow) light should be lit (if not, keep pressing "feed" until it is)
  • Press "pause"
  • The printer will start at the lightest print setting and will start printing labels slowly, one at a time, with increasing darkness
  • Once it prints out an acceptable level of dark label (8.0 or 12.0 will probably be good), press the "feed" button again.

Zenput labels are printing out blank 

The common fix for this is to ensure that the printer is set up for Direct Thermal . 
Also, make sure the correct labels are being used.  

Out of labels?

Contact the Zenput administrator at your company to re-order labels or order labels from your app.
article_icon.pngFAQ - Ordering labels within the Zenput Label app

Trouble logging in?

If you're having trouble logging into the Zenput Labels app, make sure that you are using the correct login credentials. The login credential for the Zenput Labels app is the same as for the normal Zenput account.

If you still can't log in, contact your company's Zenput administrator to make sure that the feature has been enabled. 

Still having issues?

article_icon.pngSetting up & troubleshooting Zenput Labels (Windows)

If you’re still having issues with the Zenput Labeling app, please contact Zenput Support at or (800) 537-0227 (Option 1).

For questions or problems with the Zebra printer, including any hardware issues, choose one of the following options (depending on which service was purchased with the printers - contact your company administrator if you aren't sure):

  1. Printer with no Zebra service contract or Barcodes True Support:
    Contact Zebra Support at (800) 653-5350 for tech support or repairs. If repairs are deemed necessary, contact Barcodes Inc. at 800-351-9962 for discount repair prices.
  2. Printer with Zebra Service Contract, no Barcodes True Support:
    Contact Zebra Support at (800) 653-5350 for tech support or repairs. If repairs are deemed necessary, contact Zebra for free repairs as part of the Service Contract.
  3. Printer with Zebra Service Contract and Barcodes True support:
    Contact Barcodes True Support Line at 855-223-2921 for all tech support or set-up questions, as well as for managing the Zebra Service contract to complete any needed repairs.
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